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Pricing and Fees

There are three potential categories of fees involved in the usage of our membership system:
  • Per-member Fee

    We charge $1.00 per member per year.  This fee is charged to you (the skating club) and applies only when a new membership application OR a membership renewal is processed.  This $1.00 fee is automatically deducted from the members's credit card payment when the payment is completed successfully.

    Members may upgrade their memberships during the year, with no additional per-member fee charged to you.

  • One-time only setup fee

    We charge a one-time only initial setup fee of $50.00.  This includes all work needed to populate our database with your membership roster and configure our software with the specifics of your membership categories and fees.

  • Merchant Fees

    Your entry monies will be automatically deposited to your bank account, from (or other Authorize.NET enabled merchant provider if you prefer to use your own credit card merchant account).  In any case, your merchant will deduct a per-transaction fee from the charged amount.  For example, charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

    New information about Stripe fees (February 2015)

    EntryEeze has negotiated reduced merchant fees with Stripe. As of Feb 16, 2015, Stripe is reducing its fees for EntryEeze customers to 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction for all Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payments. Fees for American Express payments are changing to a flat 3.5% per transaction. (Club administrators disable American Express payments).

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