About EntryEeze

The EntryEeze Management Team

Our mission We launched EntryEeze in 2008 to help other figure skating enthusiasts get more enjoyment out of fostering the healthy competitive spirit in the young and young-at-heart.

We believe that chairing a competition should be fun and rewarding.  Our goal is to provide automation and ease-of-use to your processes, so that you can focus on more important tasks.


Jeff Landon President, Chief Technical Officer I've been writing software since -- well, as long as I can remember.  From the days of the first desktop computers, I've had as much of a passion for software engineering as Lisa has always had for figure-skating.

I have a computer science degree and more than 20 years experience in professional software development, including a strong background in database design and web development.

As the company has grown, I've enjoyed becoming involved in figure skating and interacting with so many terrific people in the skating world.  I look forward to many more years to come!


Lisa Landon Vice President, Chief Financial Officer My interest in figure skating began when I took my very first learn-to-skate lessons at the old Broadmoor Arena in the early 70s.

I am currently a member of Centennial Skating Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have held the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. I have been the Competition Chairperson for our competition for the last 20 years and understand the amount of work it takes to put on a good competition! I am also an adult skater and have competed at Adult Nationals 6 times and am currently working on my Silver Dance tests.

Jeff and I greatly enjoy running the company together, and hope we will be working with you in the future!

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