FAQ's -- membership site
Can we have our members electronically sign waivers when they renew?

The answer is maybe.  We do have the ability to create custom questions that can hold waiver text, where a member can enter their name and the date they "signed" it; however, we suggest that you consult with a lawyer regarding specific laws in your state and any specific wording that might need to be added to the waiver for online "signatures".

We do have an "announcement" feature that you can use to display general instructions to members and new applicants when they arrive at the "membership home page".  This can be used to post a links to any documents which still require actual signatures.

Can the membership system help us with permission forms?

Yes.  Anytime after we have completed the setup of your membership site, send us your existing permission form; we will use it to build a template that the software can use to auto-generate a permission form for any member.  You can instruct the software to allow members to generate their own permission forms, OR you can restrict that feature to only allow YOU (the membership chairperson) to generate forms as you see fit.

Either way, the software can auto-populate the form with the skater's name, USFS#, valid date, etc upon request.  When you generate the form for a member, the software gives you the option of printing it or attaching it to an email to that member.  The emailed file is in PDF format.

Does EntryEeze automatically update the USFS database with renewal data?

No.  United States Figure Skating does not currently allow software interaction with their database.  However, we have incorporated extensive reporting features to simplify this process for you.   Our on-demand renewal spreadsheets can filter applications and renewals by date, and provide the data columns in roughly the same order that is needed when entering the information into USFS.

We also track changes of each member's personal-information, by field and by date.  When a member updates, say, his/her address, we note the date & time of this change.  So, when you download the renewal spreadsheet, you can instruct the software to populate only the fields that have changed for each member (for example, the address field would be left blank for members who have not changed their addresses).  This reduces your workload by allowing you to quickly work through each record, updating USFS with only those fields that appear in the spreadsheet.

Is the site available at all times?

Yes, the site is available 24 x 7 x 365.  You may find that it is useful beyond the renewal season, with our volunteering, test-session, contract ice, and new-applicant support.  (these features are described in more detail in the "How It Works" page).

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