FAQ's -- competition site
Will I be able to track financial activity?

We track all monetary activity for you, and provide screens for you to find payments, retrieve revenue summaries and spreadsheets, and issue refunds when needed.  We provide statements to better assist you in organizing your data, and these are viewable at any time.

Are there any ways for us to reduce our total cost?

One good way to recover costs is to sell web advertising.  We provide "white space" on your competition home-page for this purpose.  We suggest contacting any existing sponsors you have and offering them advertising space on your front page for a fee.  You can display 4-5 picture ads on each of the two white-space panels.  Ads can be uploaded at any time -- we provide screens to make it quick and easy.

The system sounds complicated. What if I have trouble using it?

Our administrator screens (which you'll be using to monitor and manage your competition) employ some of the latest web technology to make your user experience as straightforward as possible. Nearly every page has context-sensitive help available at the click of a button. The system's navigation scheme is very natural and easy to follow, and each page carefully validates your input so you don't accidentally do something wrong.

If you reach a point where you're still unsure how to proceed, even after reading the online help, just call us toll-free and we'll be happy to assist.

How long will our entry data be available after our competition is completed?

We'll keep your data in our database for at least 60 days after your competition is completed, in case you need access to the information. You'll be able to access various reports and spreadsheet downloads in order to archive your competition data.

We will always contact you before deleting your data.

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