New Functionality/Coming Soon

New Functionality/Coming Soon

  • Functionality already added in 2020
  • Member Management

    Credits can now be applied to Miscellaneous Fees and Amounts Due and members can now see all the payments they have made to the club. Club admins can now update their club address to better designate the location of their club or test session.

  • Contract Ice

    Contracts can now be copied in total to make setting up the next contract quicker.

  • Volunteers

    New look and feel added to the pages. Admins can now edit the when/where information without having to delete the row or column. New reports have been added to make volunteer check-in and tracking of hours easier.

  • Merchandise

    New look and feel added to the pages. You can now have skater input for merchandise items for embroidery or other needs. Members are able to see pricing.

  • Coming Soon for 2020 / 2021
  • Mobile Applications

    EntryEeze for Coaches mobile application to give coaches full control of their global coach account from their mobile device.

  • We continue to work enhancements for the competition site, membership site, and coach functionality, on a prioritized basis as we receive them. Please continue sending us your requests!

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