EntryEeze and Canada

EntryEeze is proud to work with three Canadian skating clubs in Ontario: Minto Skating Club, Sudbury Skating Club and Brockville Skating Club:

Minto Summer Skate Sudbury Brockville

To support our Canadian clients we have updated our competition management system to fully support Skate Canada guidelines. These enhancements include the following features:

  • Rules and test-level requirements for Skate Canada competitions
  • Expansion of our master database of skating clubs, for easy skater identification of home-club affiliation
  • Credit card transaction support for entry fees to be paid and collected in Canadian dollars.

Since 2008, our software has been specifically skating-oriented, allowing us to provide unmatched data management and reporting capabilities.

If you are an Canadian skating club representative and would like to talk about your upcoming competition, please call EntryEeze toll-free at 866-486-6542.

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